The well thought Basis landscape is the strong foundation for any successfully working SAP operation. No matter how well you have defined your processes and systems, one cannot ignore Basis administration.

The secure and seamless operation of the SAP is crucial to every company. Dynamic businesses and demanding users expect minimum response time regardless of increasing load on the database. You can satisfy them only when your applications, databases, jobs, and operating systems are continuously monitored and optimized. Regular and attentive monitoring helps proactively identify the possible sources of issues thereby take corrective actions. Timely intervention helps save significant loss of revenue to your Company.

We can design a tailor made solution for your operation of SAP landscape. You can benefit from several man-years of expertise of our consultants allowing you to reduce your teams workload and free up resources for other important and productive business demanding operations.

Do you want us to stay at onsite to fully manage SAP Basis operations? Do you wish rather monitor and engage remotely, offshore? Do you need short-term support during your peak periods? You can relyon us for any of the scenarios with our experience and attentiveness.

Here are few areas you can choose to use our services:

• System Monitoring: SAP application monitoring, Jobs monitoring, Transportation, Database monitoring, Operating Systems monitoring, etc.

• Rationalization, Optimization of SAP User count pertaining to License Measurement

• User Authorization Management

• System Copy to keep your Development and Quality Systems current

• SAP Solution Manager usage and coordination with SAP Service & Support