Due to the uniqueness of their nature of business, user requests, customer demands, companies that have deployed SAP are on the lookout for vendors who can build Custom Applications on top of SAP. They want bespoke applications to interact with SAP by automatically fetching existing data and pushing back new data into SAP systems. Unless vendor has thorough knowledge of SAP structure and functionalities, they cannot successfully build and connect custom applications for SAP.

Some of the example custom applications that we can build and deploy are listed below. These are simply short list of applications that we are capable of building for you. We are your go-to vendor for any such custom applications.

B2B Portal:

Every business is unique when it comes to interacting and doing business with their regular customers. They sell uniquely; their customers buying behavior is unique; they pricing structure is special; their payment policies are different; shipping methods are different and so on. So, it is hard to find a ready to use out-of-the-box B2B (Business to Business) portals in the open market. This is where we come into picture. We can listen to your users and design and deploy tailor made B2B application at record time.

We have the ability to build B2B application in technology of your choice viz., Magento, PrestaShop, PHP, or Microsoft .NET. We will construct the application for you; we will write web services, RFCs between SAP and B2B Portal which will have the ability to display your articles on the Portal and push Orders directly into SAP.

B2C E-commerce Site:

You chose your preference for technology platform namely, Magento, PrestaShop, custom made application on PHP or Microsoft .NET. We will build and deliver complete application that can seamlessly exchange data to-and-fro from SAP to B2C eCommerce site. We have been there and done it!

Having in-house resources on Magento, PHP and .NET, we can offer you the flexibility to build custom made eCommerce sites.

Custom Web Portals

Does your users demand for simpler information access channel?

Are you tired of training them on how to use SAP effectively?

Is your travelling salesman handicapped due to information availability of his customers at his fingertips?

Does your customer support team complain of decreased efficiency and increased time taken to service your customers?

Does your customer instant demand online access to their information?

Do you want your vendor to see your requirements online?

Here we are…we can offer you great solutions by building custom web portals for your claimants so that you can make them independent, information rich, quick to react, efficient to respond. We have mastered the art of building report portals and information exchange portals on top of SAP. We understand SSO (single sign on), SAML, LDAP integration to make your users life easy.