Every system in any company needs support and maintenance regardless of they going live tomorrow or already gone live. In the midst of the changing market dynamics and the growing complexity of ever evolving new technologies, the demand for third party support is increasing day by day.

Pressure from competition, user demand for custom views and reports and rise in implementation costs, inexpensive, yet effective, Application Management Services (AMS) are becoming key to the reduction of Total Cost of Ownership of SAP.

You will be hard pressed to find a customer who is fully satisfied with their outsourcing vendor. Long-term contracts, competitive bidding and rising costs lead to inflexibility; and deployment of inexperienced staff resulting in poor understanding of customer needs are just some of the problems that customers are faced with. Traditional outsourcing companies live on the pre-defined standardization of processes and service catalogues with an aim of maximum utilization of limited staff. They tend to be extremely inflexible which is slowing down the customers who rely on such outsources.

With our AMS offerings, you can be rest assured that your SAP systems run smoothly and can meet your demanding change in the business scenarios. We offer a perfect blend of on-site consulting resources backed by knowledgeable and skilled dedicated back office team working remotely offshore.

Keeping in mind the on-going demand for your users requirements, we have conceived a flexible solution to help you with your day-to-day support needs. You can opt for dedicated teams, shared pool, or on-demand skill set options. Our systems and processes are geared up for 24x7 support for your convenience and to support your offices across time zones. We have a great pool of freelancers whose extensive knowledge can be utilized within a short notice for quick resolution of issues, if any. We have the mastered the art of up-scaling or down-scaling your team sizes with a short notice; and that’s what we call flexibility.

We encourage you to make use of ourproven ticket management system to avail our services effectively.

By availing our Application Management Services, you no longer have to go through the pain of selecting, training, and retaining new consultants periodically. Our association will give you level of flexibility that you cannot achieve through on-roll teams or through traditional outsourcing vendors.

Application Management Services involves software assistance, including SAP maintenance and remote development for custom projects. Below is the highlight of our AMS offerings that you can call us upon for:

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring Support (Basis and BI)
  • Production Support: Functional as well as Technical Resources
  • SAP software maintenance support
  • Ticket based HelpDesk services
  • Flexibility of custom developed contracts to suit your needs