NaukriSMS is chartered with a social mission to change lives of rural/urban under-privileged youth, by information empowerment through digital revolution. We believe through NaukriSMS, Digital divide can be addressed and the channelized approach will lead to Inclusive growth of the country.

NaukriSMS is for Government, Enterprises and also partners with employability skill reformers and employment reformers.

NaukriSMS is our national brand for Hindi speaking parts of India. We have build vernacular sensitive brands for other parts of India such as PaniSMS for Andhra Pradesh, KelasaSMS for Karnataka, VelaiSMS for Tamilnadu, JoliSMS for Kerala, etc. The intent is to offer mobile and internet based state of the art technology platform where job seeker (students or skilled individual) can directly get connected with potential employers.

  • Skilled individuals shall be alerted on the vacancy availability in the industry
  • Job seeker will also be given personalized information on industry relevant training courses to increase employability
  • Using this platform they can directly get in touch with companies for scheduling job interviews

All job seekers are connected under the same platform… that means, there will no longer be urban and rural divide; every bit of Knowledge that is currently available for up-market urban job seekers will now be available for rural job seeker too. This will offer equal opportunity to all job seekers and they can compete with each other fairly, to promote true inclusive growth.

How it works
  • We have a dedicated set of paid volunteers on the ground visiting each of the homes of the job seekers every morning! We collect job seekers’ complete portfolio while interviewing them.
  • We have another team that visits all businesses in and around the locality where job seekers live and register vacancies in that area for that day
  • Based on the complex matching logic engine, we match job seekers with vacancies and send alerts to the job seekers
  • Job seekers use our Live Connect Service by calling a common short code say 57265 (in Andhra Pradesh) from their mobile phone and get connected to the assigned employers
  • If the job seekers is not satisfied with the given choice of vacancy, he will redial the same number to get connected to the next best match of employer
  • The system work similarly for Employers too who are looking for job seekers
Get Involved

As one can understand, the said initiative is highly ambitious project and requires dedicated attention and resources. Our intent is to transform this initiative into a self sustainable program so that it can run on its own without the need of significant monetary investment. But, this project certainly can get benefited from the contribution of external parties such as you.

You can get involved in this program in two ways:

Corporate Sponsorship under your CSR program:

You can contribute directly to the needy individuals in cash or in kind. You can donate laptops, printers, furniture, etc. to help them setup service centers nearest to their location. If you are willing to contribute in cash, this can go towards their wages for working as volunteers in this initiative. We shall connect you with the women groups (SHG, Self Help Group) who run the service centers to whom you can directly contribute your donations.

Work with us

This is an indirect way to contribute to the said CSR initiative. We shall dedicate certain part of the profit generated from doing business with you, to this cause. Either which way, if your company is looking for contributing in CSR initiative, we believe; this is a golden opportunity to help the people in need.