To the vision is to empower women and directly improve well being of family, society and country by creating and offering self sustainable business platform for women via technological innovation.

  • One Stop Service for all Home Repairs or Service Needs
  • One Stop Service for all businesses to find workers for their businesses
  • One Click Away
  • One Phone Call Away
  • Trained, Skilled Service Providers
  • Reliable & Trustworthy Service
  • Faster Turn Around Time
  • Fair Service Charges
  • Convenience of Time

This initiative is an extension of our earlier program, NaukriSMS where we started with creation of market place for blue collared workers that mainly catered for high volume recruitment Employers. Our combination of field profiling and technology based Live Connect Service bridges the gap between workers and companies by helping them find each other on need basis & mostly important on time.

Presently service are offered in the cities of Vijayawada, Rajahmundry and Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

How it works

The Service Centers are setup via which the services are rendered to home-owners or business owners. All calls in a given area are directed to the attached service centers who will provide the services of sending required man-power to the Service Seekers. The Service Seeker shall pay a small Convenience Fee to the Service Center for availing their services which is the revenue for the Service Center. The women from SHG (Self Help Group) own and manage the Service Centers via franchise model. The SHG shall utilize the revenue earned to pay for the volunteers, agents who man the Centers. The SHG intends to utilize the profits for the welfare and uplift-ment of their group members.

Get Involved

As one can understand, the said initiative is highly ambitious project and requires dedicated attention and resources. Our intent is to transform this initiative into a self sustainable program so that it can run on its own without the need of significant monetary investment. But, this project certainly can get benefited from the contribution of external parties such as you.

You can get involved in this program in two ways:

Corporate Sponsorship under your CSR program:

You can contribute directly to the needy individuals in cash or in kind. You can donate laptops, printers, furniture, etc. to help them setup service centers nearest to their location. If you are willing to contribute in cash, this can go towards their wages for working as volunteers in this initiative. We shall connect you with the women groups (SHG, Self Help Group) who run the service centers to whom you can directly contribute your donations.

Work with us:

This is an indirect way to contribute to the said CSR initiative. We shall dedicate certain part of the profit generated from doing business with you, to this cause. Either which way, if your company is looking for contributing in CSR initiative, we believe; this is a golden opportunity to help the people in need.