Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a central part of our philosophy, since inception. In fact, we have no qualms in calling ourselves as social enterprise due to the nature of CSR activities that are carried out by us and the percentage of revenues spent on these initiatives.

We continue to push the bar higher through technology and innovation driven CSR activities. We are passionate about our social initiatives that it is not just one of the activities in our lives. We spend significant amount of time, energy and resources in technology innovation, grass root level data acquisition and servicing the needy youth of the nation.

All our CSR related resources are dedicated to either livelihood assistance or women empowerment.

NaukriSMS ( and ( are our flagship initiatives in India. Apart from these we subtly contribute to our environment by obliterating all incandescent lighting and replacing them with LED lighting system, installing in-house mini RO water system, planting greenery in and around our offices and by using energy star compliance appliances and computer server systems, limiting usage of papers and so on. We continue to contribute in little ways as these, as we strongly believe, “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”.